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No matter how many Cuban cigars you smoke,

you will never find a better deal.





What is PWYW?

“Pay What You Want” is a modern payment system allowing the customer to decide how much the service or product is worth. You pay as much as you feel is appropriate according to your gratification. Provided that you’re happy and satisfied with our services and finished product, you can show us this by assigning a value to the product. Furthermore, the same method applies in the case of any displeasure, although we do strive for your complete satisfaction. A minimum fee can sometimes be required to cover travel and equipment expenses, but as a customer you have the freedom to determine the price of the final product. The PWYW system is currently used by hotels (eg Bridge Hotel), Wineries (eg Perlin Winery in Germany) software companies (eg. Libboo, Zoho, Propellerhead and BinaryNow) and now Gwepa! The trendsetter in productions of excellent quality and now applier of the PWYW principle as the only video production company in the Netherlands.







Admittedly, it is a bold and possibly even crazy move

giving people the power to decide our prices.

But we do so for 4 specific reasons:

Main Reason

Our mission is to contribute in improving the quality of the Latin dance scene

Reason 2

We are very curious as to how customers value our work, without beating around the bush and without the pressure from a pre-determined price list.

Reason 3

We appreciate the freedom, and freedom to us is when we can do the best that we can.

Reason 4

We like unconventional solutions and always try to follow the latest trends. When we have the opportunity to do something first, we do it. Just like now.




Each collaboration requires clearly defined rules.
Without these, things can end badly. Sometimes even really badly.


You decide how much to pay for our work.

Be it 5 digits or the average of € 350,

making this the best offer you will probably ever see.


We are prisoners of your generosity, but you should know that even the convicted has some rights. One of them is the explanation of the verdict. So you will need to explain why you are paying what you are paying.


This offer is for a limited time only, ending on February 28th, 2015


Want some drafts from us? First we have to receive a “PWYW form” from you.


You will receive one video. This video is guaranteed to fulfill your expectations. We usually do not change our drafts but if you have some interesting suggestions, we can make it possible.


We have full rights in choosing assignments because we only want those that give us opportunities to blow your mind.


We can transfer copyrights to you, if requested, but we prefer that you do not alter our projects. See rule 5 as to why.


We only do one project per company at a time. If you need a few different videos, you are welcome, but we have to complete your current project first.


The amount you want to pay is for our services excluding VAT and transport costs (€0.19/km leaving from the Hague)




In terms of advertising we can do anything to produce and create videos beyond your wildest imagination. However, there are conditions and limitations that apply with our PWYW system, which we will elaborate on in the following. Nevertheless, it is an offer you simply can’t refuse.


Gozo is a dynamic video impression of a Latin or afro latin dance event or workshop.

This video mainly serves as a business card or promotion, to current as well as potential customers.

It will be highlighting your event or concept using images of your location, the atmosphere, the guests, the shows, DJs and band.

– Duration on location is max. of 90 minutes

– Duration of video is 1 minute

– Delivery deadline is max 72 hours after event

 Interested in our previous works?

Take a look here and enjoy!

Don’t hesitate any longer!

You benefit from the best offer ever!

Want to promote

your work, hobby or dance creation,

allow us to do it for you.

Please complete this form.

It is not possible to apply for Gozo without a filled form.







 Had a look, read everything but still do not quite get it? Or maybe you have a question or a business proposal for us instead? Whatever the reason, please feel free to contact us. What are you waiting for? Do it now!

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